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What A Book! is a self-publishing house by authors for authors. As wielders of the pen, we understand your need to get published because we have gone through a similar ordeal to be out in the literary world. The reason for many authors going for self-publishing is it is time saving. Unlike traditional- publishing taking a minimum of six months where the publishing house will go through your work, it is still unsure whether your creativity will be born into a book. This wait is frustrating at times and appears as a hindrance to the author contemplating for his next creative venture. But self-publishing will bring your book out in around 14 days. The e-book form of your book will of course be out in just about a few days. What A Book! has a group of international writers in its editorial and advisory team which harbours confidence in writers that we at WAB and they, as writers, are on the right track. Besides, our experience in international writers’ festivals has given us the chance to expose our own books of poems as well as novels to be put up in Thailand, Singapore and also Australian bookstores. This makes the works of you as writers to be showcased in these countries.

I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love, If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles

From “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman:Source Title

Bob D’Costa

Poet, author, educationist and creative writing instructor. He is also a maverick who elopes with travel, honeymoons with fractured sunsets, sleeps with dusk but married to words. Bob has four books of poems, A Brutal Sunset, The Ten Commandments, Gods on Earth and Dark Roots. Novels in paperback: 1. Love and Life in a Changing City (launched in Crossword, Kolkata); 2. Lost (launched in The Arts House, Singapore by Asia Pacific Writers and Translators). E-book: 1. No New Mail, but Mail from a New Girl; 2. Love Story of Bruce and Rachnee; 3. Bruce and Rachnee, Diary Entry of Lovers After Death; 4 Lost.The late Dr. Krishna Srinivas hailed D’Costa as the Garcia Lorca of India. K. A. Abbas, the late and noted film director categorized Bob’s poems to those of Walt Whitman, Lorca, Pablo Neruda, Majaz, Mayakovsky, Sardar Jaffri and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Even the General Secretary of World Academy of Arts and Culture, California compared D’Costa’s poems to those of Bob Dylan’s. Bob’s poems have appeared in national and international journals. He is a member of Asia Pacific Writers and Translators and also of FOSWAL, the literary apex body of SAARC. Bob gives poetry readings. Whenever he gets the chance, he attends literary gatherings at home and abroad. He is the founder of What A BOOK! and also its Editor-in-Chief.

Advisory Board, WAB

Tim Tomlinson

Co-founder of New York Writers Workshop and co-author of its popular text, The Portable MFA in Creative Writing. He teaches in the Global Liberal Studies Program at New York University. He is a member of Asia Pacific Writers & Translators. He’s offered workshops, given talks, and conducted readings in China, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Recent and forthcoming publications include Fast Food Fiction (Anvil, Philippines), Tomas (UST Philippines), United Verses (China), Long Island Noir (Akashic), Theory in Action, Soundings Review, Blue Lyra Review, and others. He is at work on an oral-history-in-verse of Super Typhoon Yolanda’s impact on lives in Tacloban, and a coming-of-age novel-in-stories.

Liz Packer

A writer, artist, gastronomer, educator, and a bit of a nerd! She’s creative and savvy. Currently she coordinates the online side of the Professional Writing program at Adelaide College of the Arts. In the past she has been an educational developer, a chef, a waiter, dishwasher and barmaid, run her own writing business, worked in a nursing home, as a laboratory assistant at the ANU, sold homemade lemonade at a Canberra market, and a few other things besides. Miraculously, she’s made a living from writing for over 25 years – nothing very glamourous – editing, writing reports, research papers, teaching and learning materials, curriculum – anything she was paid to do. Check out her profile on LinkedIn.

Bhavna Khemlani

A writer out with her magic wand. Member of the Bangkok Women’s Writing Group and the Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Association. Books: Fiction based novel – 1. ‘Maples: Rejuvenating Cocktail,’ (Leadstart Publishing, India); 2. ‘The Wisher’s Well,’ (BooksMango, Bangkok); 3. ‘The Classroom: Ashley and her Mystical Tale,’ (Partridge – A Penguin Random House Company). Bhavna writes articles, short stories, poems to flash fiction that has been contributed to various sources, such as Brit Writers and Writers Everywhere Blog,,, Masala Magazine,, and writing portfolio etc. She is also a Teacher/Lecturer in diverse academic subjects including ‘Creative Writing.’ Her new novel ‘The Classroom: Ashley and her Mystical Tale and Poetry CD’ was launched at the AFCC (Asian Festival of Children’s Content, & Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Conference at The Arts House, Singapore, 2014).